Rabies Vaccinations-  Rabies vaccines are required at 12 to 16 weeks of age in Indiana.  Your pet will then have a booster at one year of age and then every year or 3 years depending on which vaccine is used.  Here at Fort Harrison Veterinarians we use Imrab3 which is a 3 year vaccine.  Don’t worry we will help you remember when your pet’s Rabies vaccine is due by sending you an email or post card reminder, just let us know which you prefer.


Extreme Weather- Your pet cannot be left outside during any of the following condition.

  • During a Tornado Warning.
  • If the Temperature falls to 20 degrees or Below.
  • If the Temperature rises to 90 degrees or above.
  • During a Heat Advisory.
  • During a Wind Chill Warning.


Shelter- Your pet must have a house made of solid weather resistant material.  It must have a raised flood and a roof that slops away from the door.


Kennel or Fenced in Enclosure- You pet must have at least 100 square feet of enclosure to exercise in.  You must allow for an additional 50 square feet for each additional pet.  If you have a pet that is over 80 pounds in must have 150 square feet to play!


Tethering-  If you are going to tether your dog you must follow these guidelines.

  • Your pet must be over 6 months of age.
  • Your pet must be healthy and cannot be injured
  • You cannot have your pet tethered during the hours of 11 pm and 6 am.  It is against the law to have your pet tethered 24 hours a day.
  • Your pet must be spayed or neutered to be tethered.


If you have an Invisible Fence you could still be sited for an “AT-LARGE” pet.  In Marion County the way the law reads is any pet considered “at-large” is a dog or cat that is not confined without the means of escape.  A fence, leash, or tether would be considered a something a pet couldn’t escape from.