LILIES- All lilies can cause some symptoms; some are more dangerous than others.  Tiger, Day, Easter, Japanese Snow and Asiatic lilies are all highly toxic.  A small ingestion of 3 leaves or petals can cause kidney failure, Especially in cats.

DAFFODILS- Daffodil contain crystals of lycorine, which can be on the outer layers of the bulb.  These crystals can cause severe tissue irritation.  Ingestion of the bulb can lead to gastrointestinal upset and cardiac arrhythmia.

OLEANDER- Oleander is an evergreen shrub that contains a natural poison that effects the heart.  The toxin is like digoxin which is a heart medication.  Symptoms include gastrointestinal upset and cardiac symptoms which can be life threatening.

AZALEA- Azalea is a member of the Rhododendron species.  These types of plants contain grayanotoxins which effect the sodium chanels affecting the cardiac muscles.  A very little amount of plant ingested can result in poisoning.

SAGO PALM- Sago Palm is a popular house plant in Indiana it can also be planted outside in warmer areas.  A very small amount of any part of a plant can cause liver failure and lead to death.

If your pet gets into any of these types of plants first call us and ask Dr. Wheeler what to do.  He will most likely have you bring the animal in to induce vomiting and supportive care.   If it is after hours please call a 24 hour emergency clinic.