If Your Pet Needs It, We Do Our Best To Provide It!

Dental Care
We offer complete dental cleaning and polishing. Dental x-rays are available and help us determine the severity and extent of dental disease. This will help in our decision to remove or save questionable teeth.

We have digital radiology available for x-rays. In may cases we are able to take the films we need without sedation. This is not always the case depending on the degree of pain your pet is in or the type of positioning we need to receive the most diagnostic picture.

We have a complete in-house laboratory to have results in as little as 15 minutes; we also use an outside reference lab available for more intense and complete blood panels.

We offer a variety of testing for the eyes from staining to look for scratches or ulcers to tonometry to test for Glaucoma. Dr. Wheeler offers many different surgical procedures of the eye.

We offer treatment for diseases of the skin that range from mange to allergies due to pollens, food, or environment circumstances. We also diagnose and treat thyroid and endocrine diseases as well as certain skin cancers.

We offer diagnostics and treatment for heart and lung diseases ranging from bronchitis and asthma to congestive heart failure.

Internal Medicine
Urinary Tract Disease
Gastrointestinal Abnormalities and Digestive issues
Ruling out or treating diabetes and adrenal abnormalities
Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism

We offer ultrasounds that are available through a mobile ultrasound unit and registered veterinarian technicians, that are performed at our facility, and the findings are interpreted by a board certified radiologist.