Why It Matters

Dental Disease Comes at You Fast

Dental care is crucial for pets. Periodontal disease is common in dogs and cats, with symptoms often appearing by age three. Left untreated, it affects more than just the mouth - it impacts overall health. Don't brush off dental care. A little prevention goes a long way for your pet's quality of life.

It’s Much More Than Fresh Breath

Regular dental care for your pet will do so much more than make those kisses less pungent—although that is a nice side effect. The health of your pet’s mouth has a significant impact on both their overall health and their longevity.

When tartar and plaque are allowed to accumulate in your pet’s mouth, it leads to pain, infection, tooth decay, and tooth loss. If periodontal disease is left unchecked and becomes severe, it allows harmful bacteria to spread throughout your pet’s system. Kidney, liver, and heart disease in pets can all stem from an underlying dental infection.

Regular dental care for pets is every bit as important as it is for us humans, and Fort Harrison is ready to make sure both you and your pet are all smiles.

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Our team is a family of passionate, dedicated animal lovers known for our excellent service to the pets and people of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to partner with you to see that your pet has as many happy, healthy years as possible. We do that by focusing on preventive care, providing comprehensive services, and using a customized approach.

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