Why It Matters

The Foundation of a Healthy Pet

Taking great care of your pet begins with the basics, which means establishing a solid groundwork of routine and preventative care. Providing a good life for your pet is about so much more than what you do on those days when they’re not feeling their best—A healthy pet starts with the fundamentals.

The Foundation Of A Healthy Pet

It starts here: regular exams, vaccinations, and parasite preventatives. Have you noticed how many types of pet food there are out there? Not to worry—we have the knowledge to help you make the best nutritional choices for your pet at every life stage. Wondering what vaccines and parasite preventatives your pet needs? We’ll tailor a plan that’s suited to their health and lifestyle. We recommend that all pets be microchipped—it’s quick, easy, and greatly increases the chances of your pet making it home safe to you should they become lost.

Routine wellness care lays the groundwork for a lifetime of good health. Things like exams, vaccines, and parasite prevention may seem basic, but they're the foundation. Wellness and preventative care are aspects of pet ownership that fall by the wayside all too often, but they’re crucial to the health and happiness of your pet. Unlike us, our pets can’t make their own choices about their health care, diet, and exercise habits, so it’s up to us to make good choices for them!

Our routine wellness services include:

Physical exams & vaccinations

Flea, tick, & heartworm prevention


Nutritional & behavioral consultations

And so much more!

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Our team is a family of passionate, dedicated animal lovers known for our excellent service to the pets and people of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to partner with you to see that your pet has as many happy, healthy years as possible. We do that by focusing on preventive care, providing comprehensive services, and using a customized approach.

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